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A loving, passionate lady with a heart of pure gold. The woman views are honest and important; she's seldom incorrect. Don't get in a disagreement with an 'Ahja', she'll be a phenomenal debater and will always win. She can be brutal like a tiger prowling the forest, yet mild and tender like an angel from paradise. She is trusting, faithful, and worth your full interest. You haven't understood the genuine concept of breathtaking and soon you've met an 'Ahja'. This woman is spectacular, gorgeous, and shines brighter than just about any celebrity you will discover into the Milky Method. Her vocals are compared to the calming sound of angels harmonizing in song. She'll flash you a smile that'll melt your heart and leave a warm, fuzzy feeling. Her nostrils is perfect for offering eskimo kisses on a cold, winter night while cuddling up between warm and comfortable blankets. She is perfect inside her flaws. If you ever satisfy and 'Ahja', love the lady and keep the girl permanently. A woman, generaly african american, with an excellent character as well as saucy attitude. Men evaluate the girl and get "Damn, which therefore Ahja." how she smiles makes dudes cum at the lips.