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One of Nickelodeon's best programs. It had been about juvenile beasts becoming trained to be scary. It featured great characters eg Ickis who's scary ability was to grow bigger but as a result of his big ears had been usually recognised incorrectly as a bunny rabbit. Oblina was clearlt the asian of team being the best as well as the most useful student additionally she resembled a gothic ugly candy cane. The woman frightening ability ended up being shape-shifting into arbitrary "scary" things and inducing nightmares in people by sticking her peppermint flavored hand in the target's ear and tickling their particular brain. Krumm was the retarded friend of Ikis and Oblina and vaguely resembled Gene Hackman's fan sack. His scary ability would be to scream like a pussy and odor like a sweaty asshole. Additionally his eyes were not attached with their body so he'd to keep them the entire time which don't blend well along with his psychological retardation so however usually drop all of them. And finally The Gromble. Probably the gayest character regarding the show, The Gromble ended up being the mix dressing headmaster associated with the school they went to. Wearing red high heeled footwear and red painted fingernails that ripped through their ladies' isotoner gloves. This is nevertheless a fantastic show regardless of how homosexual or retarded some figures were.