What does Ahh boo mean?

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a truly ridiculous saying utilized by select housekeepers. There are lots of theories as to what it really implies:1. This means nothing and is made use of as a ploy to annoy the piss away from everyone at the office by perhaps not informing all of them just what it indicates, simultaneously making the users feel superior to everyone else.2. The word "ahh" hails from "ah, that's great" as well as the term "boo" is extracted from "BOO YOU SUCK, LOG OFF THE STAGE," and also the culmination of said words is, basically, a neutral nothing.3. The people of "Ahh boo" might be part of a rather secret community, the one that we never heard of because their particular privacy is beyond expert. Nobody knows exactly what this community is approximately, because it is that key so the concept of this symbolic message continues to be in the shadows.4. "Ahh boo" is an unpublished viewpoint on life that uses similar to this: "Great shit occurs, terrible shit takes place," or, a shortened variation, "Shit happens," or "that is that." This term resembles Vonnegut's "therefore it goes."