What does Agriffiti mean?

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Ag•rif•fi•ti ag-ruh-fee-tee, noun, collectively describes all man-made text, design, scene, picture or other imaginative phrase or communication which has been purposely produced, usually on an extremely major, by the trampling, mowing, or any other selective shaping action upon rooted vegetation, esp. farm plants, e.g. a wheat industry. If done on home apart from your very own, or without authorization or maliciously, this might be generally speaking illegal and the "artist" are charged with 'aggravated agriffiti'. Although this practice is now a popular 'trend', agriffiti has-been found dating back so far as 400 A.D. Of importance, agriffiti shouldn't be mistaken for comparable circumstances discovered to own no explanation or thought to have-been created by alien visitation; these are most frequently of a separate categorization known as 'uforigami'. Both are most useful seen from increased height, and regular leaflets crossing the mid-western plains regarding the United States Of America are often experience towards spectacle.