What does Agriculture mean?

Agriculture meaning in General Dictionary

The art or science of cultivating the floor including the harvesting of plants plus the rearing and management of live stock tillage husbandry agriculture

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  • the federal department that administers programs offering solutions to farmers (including analysis and soil conservation and attempts to stabilize the farming economic climate); produced in 1862
  • the class of individuals engaged in developing meals
  • the rehearse of cultivating the land or increasing stock
  • a large-scale farming enterprise
  • The art or science of cultivating the bottom, like the harvesting of crops, and rearing and management of real time stock; tillage; husbandry; farming.

Agriculture meaning in Economics Dictionary

Farming throughout the world will continue to be a little more effective while generally speaking accounting for a smaller sized share of work and national income, although in certain bad countries it remains the industry where the united states as well as its individuals depend. Farming, forestry and fishing in 1913 taken into account 28% of employment in the usa, 41per cent in France and 60percent in Japan, but just 12per cent in the united kingdom. Now the percentage of this staff utilized in these types of tasks has actually fallen below 6percent during these and a lot of various other industrialised countries. The sum total worth of international trade in farming features increased steadily. Nevertheless the international agriculture marketplace remains seriously distorted by trade barriers and federal government subsidy, like the european union's Common agricultural policy.

Agriculture meaning in Law Dictionary

The science or art of cultivating the bottom, particularly in industries or big places, such as the tillage for the earth, the growing of seeds, the raising and harvesting of plants, and also the rearing of real time stock. Dillard v. Webb, 55 Ala. 474. To discover Bin- zel v. Grogan, 67 Wis. 147, 29 N. W. 895; Simons v. Lovell, 7 Ileisk. (Teun.) 510; Springer v. Lewis, 22 Pa. 191. A person really involved with the "science of farming" (in the concept of a statute providing him special exemptions) is certainly one just who derives the help of himself along with his family, in whole or perhaps in part, from the tillage and cultivation of areas. He must develop anything significantly more than a garden, even though it might notably less than a farm. If the location cultivated may be called a held, it's agriculture, besides in contemplation of legislation as with the etymology associated with the word. And if this condition be fulfilled, the uniting of every various other business, perhaps not inconsistent because of the pursuit of farming, doesn't eliminate the protection of this statute. Springer v. Lewis, 22 I'a. 193.

Agriculture meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c., from Late Latin agricultura "cultivation regarding the land," chemical of agri cultura "cultivation of land," from agri, genitive of ager "a field" (see acre) + cultura "cultivation" (see culture (n.)). In Old English, the concept might be expressed by eor

Agriculture meaning in Cooking Dictionary

The science and art of growing crops and raising livestock; agriculture.

Agriculture meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

an easy term always suggest the involved in making creatures and flowers to be used by humans.

Agriculture meaning in Business Dictionary

The techniques of farming or increasing livestock including cattle. Farmers and ranchers come in the agriculture business.

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Agriculture meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The art or technology of cultivating the floor, including the harvesting of plants, therefore the rearing and management of real time stock; tillage; husbandry; farming.

Sentence Examples with the word Agriculture

Brandy distilleries are numerous, and there is some trade in wood; but no local industry can rival agriculture and stock-breeding, which furnish the bulk of the exports.

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