What does Agrestic mean?

Agrestic meaning in General Dictionary

with respect to industries or perhaps the country in opposition to the city outlying rustic unpolished uncouth

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  • characteristic of the fields or nation
  • (of behavior) rustic and uncouth
  • related to areas or the country, versus the city; outlying; austere; unpolished; uncouth.

Agrestic meaning in Urban Dictionary

Agrestic is the imaginary town which Showtime's hit TV show Weeds takes place for months 1-3 with references in season 4. it is stated to stay in California and a suburb regarding the l . a . area.It is potrayed to-be a general upper-middle class residential district town with track houses that every look alike.Through numerous deals and legalities, Agrestic joined along with it's new neighboring city of Majestic (season 3) utilizing Majestic given that formal title.

Agrestic meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Pertaining to areas or perhaps the nation, towards the city; rural; rustic; unpolished; uncouth.