What does Agoraphobia mean?

Agoraphobia meaning in Medical Dictionary

An abnormal and persistent anxiety about public places or open places, specially those from where escape could possibly be difficult or perhaps in that assist may not be immediately obtainable. People with agoraphobia regularly also provide anxiety attacks. People who have moderate agoraphobia frequently reside typical life by avoiding anxiety-provoking circumstances. When you look at the undesirable agoraphobia, the sufferers can be incapacitated and homebound. Agoraphobia has a tendency to begin in the middle to late20s, in addition to onset may seem become set off by a traumatic event.

Agoraphobia meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"fear of available spaces," 1873, from German Agorophobie, coined 1871 by Berlin psychiatrist Carl Westphal (1833-1890) from Greek agora "open space" (see agora) + -phobia "fear." Relevant: Agoraphobe; agoraphobic.

Agoraphobia meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

The expression for a fear of available areas; in veterinary terms, describes animals who're held stabled or in stalls for an excessive period of the time.

Agoraphobia meaning in General Dictionary

a morbid fear of available rooms (as concern about being caught alone in some general public location)