What does Agnate mean?

Agnate meaning in General Dictionary

a member of family whoever commitment are traced solely through males

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  • associated or akin because of the dads side additionally sprung from exact same male ancestor as agnate brother a brother getting the same father but a unique mommy in ths feeling it is a correlative of uterine
  • associated regarding the dad's part
  • one relevant on dad's side
  • Related or akin by the father's side; in addition, sprung through the same male ancestor.
  • Allied; akin.
  • A relative whose commitment are tracked exclusively through men.

Agnate meaning in Medical Dictionary

1. As a noun, a member of family from the father's part. 2. As an adjective, relevant regarding the dad's part. Instead of enate (some one associated in the mother's part) From the Latin agnatus, the past participle of agnasci (to issue forth), from ad+ nasci (is born).

Agnate meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) relevant or similar because of the father's side; also, sprung from the same male ancestor.

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  • (a.) Allied; similar.
  • (n.) A family member whoever relationship are tracked solely through males.

Sentence Examples with the word Agnate

The title of the sovereign is king of Bavaria, that of his presumptive heir is crown-prince of Bavaria, and during the minority or incapacity of the sovereign a regency is declared, which is vested in the nearest male agnate capable of ascending the throne.

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