What does Agitator mean?

Agitator meaning in General Dictionary

person who agitates person who stirs up or excites other individuals as governmental reformers and agitators

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  • one that agitates; a political troublemaker
  • one that agitates; a person who stirs up or excites other individuals; because, political reformers and agitators.
  • One of a body of males appointed because of the army, in Cromwell's time, to maintain their particular passions; -- called additionally adjutators.
  • An implement for shaking or combining.

Agitator meaning in Urban Dictionary

someone who shares a residence, apartment, dormitory, or space with other people and is naturally in opposition to domestic harmony. He or she shows a compulsive want to disturb the comfort by pissing other individuals down. It's usually because she or he derives enjoyment from sowing discord or simply just messing with another person's head. Consequently, this individual will usually target quickly goaded people, together with pussy-bitch is its normal prey. This person can be described as a dick or douche.

Agitator meaning in Law Dictionary

the one who stirs up or incites a predicament, particularly a predicament that is of discontent.

Agitator meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1640s, agent noun from agitate (v.); initially "elected representative of this common troops in Cromwell's army," just who introduced grievances (chiefly over insufficient pay) with their officials and Parliament. Governmental good sense is very first taped 1734, and bad overtones began featuring its association with Irish patriots such as Daniel O'Connell (1775-1847). Historically, in American English, usually with external and discussing people who stir-up a supposedly contented class or competition. Latin agitator required "a driver, a charioteer."

Agitator - German to English


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  • demagogue
  • propagandist
  • pulpiteer [pej.] [agitator]

Agitator meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A person who agitates; person who stirs up or excites others; because, governmental reformers and agitators.

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  • (n.) Certainly one of a body of males appointed by the army, in Cromwell's time, to maintain their interests; -- labeled as in addition adjutators.
  • (letter.) An implement for trembling or mixing.

Sentence Examples with the word Agitator

But he was stronger as a preacher and an agitator than as a writer, the pamphlets which he now issued from the press of his colleague the ex-priest Hans Vingaard, who settled down at Viborg as a printer, being little more than adaptations of Luther's opuscula.

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