What does Aging mean?

Aging meaning in General Dictionary

the method wherein things or materials get desirable attributes when you're remaining undisturbed for quite a while under specific problems it really is used mainly for meals snd beverages but in addition for other materials

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  • the organic means of getting older and showing the effects of increasing age
  • getting desirable attributes when you are left undisturbed for quite a while
  • growing old
  • old

Aging meaning in Medical Dictionary

the entire process of becoming senior, a process that's genetically determined and environmentally modulated.

Aging meaning in Law Dictionary

The sluggish procedure that changes physical companies for either the better or perhaps the worse.

Aging meaning in Cooking Dictionary

a phrase accustomed explain the holding of meats at a temperature of 34 to 36 degrees F. for a period of time to tenderize.

Aging meaning in Business Dictionary

Gradual process where the properties of a material, structure, or system, modification (for better or even worse), over time or with usage, due to biological, chemical, or real agents. Corrosion, obsolescence, and weathering are samples of ageing.

Aging meaning in General Dictionary

(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Age

Sentence Examples with the word Aging

Modern, too, was the outlook of the aging poet on the changing social conditions of theage, wonderfully sympathetic his attitude towards modern industry, which steam was just beginning to establish on a new basis, and towards modern democracy.

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