What does Aggressive Driving mean?

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A misnomer. Properly defined, "aggressive drivers" are the most useful drivers. Irresponsible and/or reckless driving had been improperly referred to as "Aggressive." This unfortunate misuse of language had been greatly overused in ten years preceding 2010. Real aggressive motorists are the many competent, alert and responsible motorists. The antonym for hostile would-be timid.Timid motorists are a significant cause of automotive accidents and snarls nationwide.The term "aggressive driving" is believed to own been coined because of the media, grasping for a single adverb to explain countless acts of reckless driving. When retaliatory, these types of acts are called "road rage." The etymology associated with the term is research of careless utilization of the language. Misuse associated with term attained popularity (approximately 2 decades old) and has now become so common in media that retraction and correction in the short term is very unlikely. Even the NHTSA has actually partially adopted the misnomer and unfortuitously describes 'aggressive'sic driving as occurring whenever "an individual commits a mixture of going traffic offenses to be able to endanger other individuals or home." About 18 states have codified laws and regulations regarding so-called intense driving. Timid may be the opposite of hostile. Careful or sensible is the reverse of careless.