What does Aggressive Defense mean?

Aggressive Defense meaning in Urban Dictionary

1) Noun (ah-`gress-uv · `dee-fents) Aggressive Defense is a positional aspect in a group based conflict environment. Commonly mistaken as 'out of position,' whenever actually a tactical deployment of staff possessions in uncommon but cunning places.2) Noun (uh… WT`F¿) A naturally occurring situational occasion in which a defender is caught in a job reversal anomaly. Often associated with decreased practice, discipline or chart awareness in a group established conflict.3) Adj. (ah-`gress-uv · `dee-fents-uv) A descriptive for the Aggressively Defensive entity.4) Split Infinitive (ah-`gress-uv-lee · `dee-fend) The event of presence of an Aggressive Defender.5) Noun (ah-`gress-uv · `dee-fents) In 5v5 CTF, when a defender ends up defending outside the typical area of defense, after dark mid-point of this map.