What does Aggie mean?

Aggie meaning in Names Dictionary

as a type of Agatha. Good.
Name Origin: Greek
Name Gender: feminine

Aggie meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"university student studying agriculture," by 1880, United states English university slang, from farming + -ie.

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  • sort of toy marble, by 1905, United states English, colloquial shortening of agate (q.v.). Excited groups gather about rude groups scraped in the mud, and there's talk of "pureys," and "reals," and "aggies," and "commies," and "fen dubs!" Discover a rich click in regards to the bulging pouches associated with the men, and each frequently at school time one thing drops on the floor and rolls noisily over the area. Whenever Miss Daniels asks: "Just who performed that?" the men all look therefore astonished. Which did what pray tell? ["McClure's Magazine," May 1905]