What does Ager mean?

Ager meaning in Urban Dictionary

A person who judge individuals by how old they are. Frequently hate to communicate with people that are more youthful than himself.

Ager meaning in Names Dictionary

Pen name of Valentín Aurre Apraiz (Ajangiz, 1912 - 1966).
Name Origin: Basque
Name Gender: Male

Ager meaning in Law Dictionary

Lat. Within the civil law. A field ; land typically. A portion of land inclosed by definite boundaries. Municipality #2 v. Orleans Cotton Press. 18 Los Angeles. 107, 36 Am. Dec. 624. In old English legislation. An acre. Spelman.

Sentence Examples with the word Ager

We know from the Roman historians that a large force of Gauls came as far south as Rome in the year 390 B.C., and that some part of this horde settled in what was henceforward known as the Ager Gallicus, the easterdmost strip of coast in what was later known as Umbria, including the towns of Caesna, Ravenna and -Ariminum.

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