What does Agent. Q mean?

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A self-indulgent guy inside the mid twenties which suffers from dillusions of brilliance, paranoia and erectile dysfunction. A masochist of course, Agent. Q is renowned for his stature into the MMORPG, City of Heroes, where he leads an adult role playing Super Group called the Anointed Brotherhood, just who reside regarding Infinity host. His many defining characteristic, however, is his sexual desire. More over, the fact he drove over 800 kilometers to have sexual intercourse and enjoy fellatio from a 16-year old Asian girl named Crystal, most likely because of his latent pedophilia. A self-declared dictator, Agent. Q has actually compared himself to numerous fascist frontrunners like Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler on a number of occasions and it has taken it upon himself to restore the Nazi regime to its rightful devote community.Also see: Pedophile