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An extremely unusual hybrid kind of Marijuana recognized for it really is exotic blue hue. Probably the highest quality Marijuana on the market, it's also understand as Kronic Blue. Agent Blue is difficult to find and costly as all escape. When you can actually find someone to offer it, it will cost you at the very least $50 a gram, sometimes it could go for as much as $100 per gram. Unless you're a seasoned pothead, one hit of Agent blue keeps you large for as much as twenty four hours. Supposedly it requires doubly really miss it to go out of your system too, therefore make certain you don't have a drug test anytime soon if you anticipate striking it. A really cracking musical organization from Stoke on trent. They usually have toured with all the musical others The Coral Kasabian etc. carry on thier web site irs www.agent-blue.co.uk