What does Age discrimination mean?

Age discrimination meaning in Urban Dictionary

When idiot individuals believe they may be better than you simply because they're older.in reality sometimes they only assume you are younger and bash for you.it's ridiculous and immature!!!!!!!!

Age discrimination meaning in Legal Dictionary

letter. an employer's unfair remedy for a present or potential employee to age 70, that will be made unlawful because of the Age Discrimination Unemployment Act, initially followed in 1967. The claimant's issue is evidence of age discrimination, but businesses should beware. Also trip attendants in their late 30s have actually shown there had been age discrimination in changing these with younger, "more attractive" women.

Age discrimination meaning in Law Dictionary

dealing with an event defectively because of their age.

Age discrimination meaning in Business Dictionary

Unfair treatment in recruitment, campaigns, or granting of privileges, in line with the age of the individual.