What does Age mean?

Age meaning in General Dictionary

to cultivate aged to become old to demonstrate markings of age while he expanded fat while he aged

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  • resulting in to grow old to share the attributes old to as grief ages us
  • your whole length of a being whether pet vegetable or other type life time
  • feel my age or older
  • begin to appear older; age
  • make older
  • a prolonged duration
  • an era of record having some unique feature
  • a late period of life
  • a time of life (usually defined in years) from which some certain certification or power occurs
  • how long some thing has actually existed
  • the entire timeframe of a being, whether pet, veggie, or various other type; lifetime.
  • That an element of the extent of a being or anything which will be between its beginning and a time; since, what's the present age of a man, or associated with the planet?
  • The latter element of life; a sophisticated period of life; seniority; state of being old.
  • the stages of life; since, the age of infancy, of childhood, etc.
  • Mature age; specifically, the time of life where one attains complete personal rights and capacities; since, in the future of age; he (or she) is old.
  • enough time of life from which some certain energy or capability is comprehended in order to become vested; since, age consent; the age of discretion.
  • a certain time period ever, as distinguished from others; since, the fantastic age, age Pericles.
  • A great period in history of the planet earth.
  • A century; the time of one century.
  • the individuals who reside at a particular period; for this reason, a generation.
  • quite a few years.
  • to cultivate aged; to become old; to show scars of age; as, he grew fat as he aged.
  • To cause to cultivate old; to impart the qualities old to; since, grief ages us.

Age meaning in Names Dictionary

Name Origin: Norse
Name Gender: Male

Age meaning in Law Dictionary

Signifies those periods in the lives of people of both sexes which enable all of them to accomplish certain functions which, before they'd reached those periods, they were prohibited from performing. How long when an individual has resided or something has actually been around. Inside old publications, "age" is commonly used to represent "full age;" which, the age of twenty-one many years. Litt.

Age meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 13c., "long but long period in history," from Old French aage (11c., contemporary French

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  • "to grow old," belated 14c., from age (n.). Meaning "in order to make old" is very early 15c. Relevant: Aged; aging.

Age meaning in Sports Dictionary

inside Northern Hemisphere, a horse's age is computed from January one of the 12 months of foaling; in south Hemisphere, in nations such as for instance Australia and Southern Africa, from August 1, as well as in south usa, from the preceding July. (sport: Horse Racing)

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  • A horse's age is calculated from January 1 of the year these people were foaled, unless they were foaled in November or December, where how old they are is determined from after January 1. (sport: Harness Racing)
  • in the us, the dog's age is counted from the first day of whelping. (sport: Greyhound rushing)
  • All horses and ponies registered for competition needs to be over 4 years old. (sport: Carriage Driving)

Age - French to English

Stone Age

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  • elderly
  • old

Age meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The whole length of a being, whether animal, vegetable, or any other type; lifetime.

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  • (n.) That area of the duration of a being or anything that will be between its start and any given time; because, what's the present-age of a guy, or of this planet?
  • (letter.) The second section of life; an enhanced amount of life; seniority; state to be old.
  • (n.) One of several phases of life; as, the age of infancy, of childhood, etc.
  • (n.) Mature age; particularly, enough time of life where one attains full private legal rights and capabilities; since, in the future of age; he (or she) is of age.
  • (n.) Enough time of life from which some certain power or ability is comprehended to become vested; because, the age of permission; the age of discernment.
  • (letter.) A certain duration of all time, as distinguished from others; as, the golden age, the age of Pericles.
  • (letter.) A great period into the reputation for our planet.
  • (n.) A hundred years; the period of just one century.
  • (letter.) Individuals who stay at a particular period; ergo, a generation.
  • (letter.) Quite a while.
  • (v. i.) to cultivate elderly; to become old; to show marks old; as, he expanded fat while he aged.
  • (v. t.) Resulting in to develop old; to share the qualities old to; as, grief ages us.

Sentence Examples with the word Age

Although there was a stock of tradition for the post-exilic age (cf.

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