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Agathe is a rather beautiful girl, she actually is frequently a model and it is always the funniest person in assembly. She is also a party-trooper, moving in disco-discothèque along with other models each time. Often her nickname is Siobhan but you can additionally phone the girl Bridget. She's constantly surrounded by famous people such as Hugo from Peugeot and Laurent Voulzy. An Agathé is a person, frequently with a French back ground, generally with a very good feeling of manner, and can be located in searching through racks of high priced garments shops.Very quite and grow. Good sense of humour,and will entice all of the kids, and frequently emos... for no obvious reason.Overall great kid. Generally a french woman, she actually is a nerd at school but the life of the party and a complete wildheart. She is quite in her own youth but stunningly gorgeous whenever she is grown up. They truly are sluggish to begin nevertheless when she expands she has a fantastic rack, she actually is in addition a total goddess during intercourse. Totally somebody really worth looking forward to.