What does Agar mean?

Agar meaning in General Dictionary

typical shortened as a type of agar agar2

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  • any tradition method that makes use of agar once the gelling broker
  • a colloidal herb of algae; made use of especially in tradition media and as a gelling agent in meals

Agar meaning in Names Dictionary

A stranger, one that concerns.
Name Origin: Biblical
Name Gender: Female

Agar meaning in Cooking Dictionary

An extract of seaweed utilized as a thickening broker. Japan use it in soups.

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  • A vegetable gelatin made of various kinds of algae or seaweed. The algae are collected, bleached and dried. Then gelatin compound is removed with water and made into flakes, granules, powder or strips that are brittle when dried out. mostly used as a thickening agent.

Agar - German to English


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  • complex sugar

Sentence Examples with the word Agar

The new fluid, or water agar process, contained no carbolic acid, other methods being relied upon to ensure its purity.

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