What does Agamemnon agamemnon mean?

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1. King of Ancient Mycenae (City-State in Southern Greek Peninsula) during Trojan War. Right after he arrived home from that war, their spouse, Clytaemnestra, and his cousin, Aegisthus, conspired against and killed him. (in lots of records, Clytaemnestra stabbed him in a bathtub.) After this, Agamemnon's child, Orestes, killed his mom and Aegisthus as retribution. Agamemnon's homecoming is a significant motif in Homer's Odyssey. The "Agamemnon incident" is brought up many times, specially when discussing individuals coming home, traitors, plus the faithfulness of wives. 2. (Verb) To brutally eliminate some body. a word you yell to split an uncomfortable silence.