What does Aftabeh mean?

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A watering can which is used by Iranians fresh off the motorboat to clean their particular asses. Usually immigrants that went from Shah own it or its atlanta divorce attorneys other Iranian's residence for decoration or due to their secret love when it comes to Muslim tradition. If our generation utilizes it, it's most likely because we share it with your mom's since they're the passion for our life. Aftabeh is just why some Iranians have actually indicating for a lifetime. The unfaithful Muslim females frequently buck down, get nude and shove Aftabeh up their vagina because inside Muslim culture, you should have only sex with your spouse. We americans understand this and state "Bitch please" but it is real. Aftabeh is known for its luxurious cleaning associated with butt. It keeps it ripe and refreshing and eliminates dryness. It is also a village in Iran that is significantly hilarious causing all of us to piss our jeans of laughter and shout like a banshee.