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a webpage that at one point ended up being the coolest, informative discussion board site on the net. It had been a website in which people got to know each other, swap songs,movie, guide taste an such like. It had been also a place discover interesting conversations and discussion on a variety of subjects.Now it really is a haven for pseudo-intellectuals, web "activist", douche bags, loners with superiority buildings, forty something virgins, whiny bitches, those who want to begin shit over insignificant things, individuals who pretend they are bad when they're perhaps not, Twitter fags, suicidal feminists, apologist men, psychotic Afro-centrics, Conspiracy peanuts, and closeted libertarians. There's many others of these ridiculous individuals, but I'd be all day detailing all of them. Also, every one of these men and women populate the website and yet it really is a ghost town 80% of that time period.simply speaking, it absolutely was a cool destination, but became douchebag central for every single sad sack online and their dopey blog.RIP Afropunk.com 2004-2008