What does Afrin mean?

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A sexual maneuver that begins with the feminine laying on her back fellating the woman lover, who is straddling or hovering over the woman face. While he creates in direction of orgasm, he puts their weight-supporting hand in the pilllow above her head so his forearm is carefully but firmly pinning her forehead in position. Here's in which time is important: right when he's prepared explode, he draws their unit out-of the woman lips and shoves the tip against the woman nostril, giving a stroke or two if required, to make certain that he shoots their load right-up the woman nostrils.Not recommended for wedded guys, or whoever respects or wants to keep his existing intercourse lover.

Sentence Examples with the word Afrin

Two large tributaries from the N., the Afrin and Kara Su, here reach it through the former Lake of Antioch, which is now drained through an artificial channel (Nahr al-Kowsit).

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