What does Africanus Sasquatchus mean?

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A large humanoid-type animal connected with sasquatch's. These animals walk-on two feet, standing 7 to 13 foot tall. They may be seen with three legs, the middle, and biggest being the reproductive organ. Feminine sasquatchi (plural) stay in their dens, generally in caves or stick huts, and usually the youthful, recieve a man reproductive organ inside of it, beginning younger, and supply the sasquatchi family members ( like women needs to do). Worldwide numerous have spotted these ruthless beings, and several hate groups happen set up due to the violent behavior among these pets. The Ku-Klux Klan (KKK) is the most popular. These animals are observed around the world, but initially originated from Africa. They migrated through the Great Migration of 1823 A.D.