What does African-American mean?

African-American meaning in Etymology Dictionary

you will find isolated cases from about 1863, nevertheless modern-day use is a re-invention very first attested 1969 (in mention of the the African-American Teachers Association) which became the preferred term in a few groups for "U.S. black" (noun or adjective) by the late 1980s. Mencken, 1921, reports Aframerican "is today really commonly used in the Negro press." Afro-American is attested in 1853, in freemen's magazines in Canada. Africo-American (1817 as a noun, 1826 as an adjective) ended up being typical in abolitionist and colonization society writings.

African-American meaning in General Dictionary

with respect to or attribute of People in america of African ancestry

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  • a person with African ancestry,