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a woman that is REALLY strange to not known people. Should you ever satisfy her cannot previously assess her by her looks;outside. This woman is funny, smart, trendy,friendly, and pretty though she wont acknowledge it(unless her hair's straightened) and loves listenin to music. You will never know this in the first conference. She looks boring however, if you realize her actually, you will discover on she is sooooo..fun to-be with. Everything is lame if u do not get to satisfy the lady and be the woman buddy. also she backs up-and appears 150percent by the woman buddy. she even seems to have answer for each and every problem you have. An Afnan is orginated from branches.Its in addition useful for individuals who do Mitch Hewer (when they're hitched to them) and spend a lot period with Chace Crawford. A polite hard working person. Loves spikey cats. Very lovable. A sneaky Pakistani male with a mustache who can constantly make chaos at lunch, plus cause food fights. Shorty whom makes the globe an improved location together with her smile. Features time for everybody and cares for everyone.