What does Affiliate program mean?

Affiliate program meaning in Law Dictionary

whenever two functions interact to greatly help eachother. It is common in internet advertising.

Affiliate program meaning in Business Dictionary

system that involves a couple of parties that really work together to produce a specific degree of benefit to each other. Affiliate marketing programs tend to be widespread in internet advertising. The sponsoring site provides rewards to participating web sites for directing visitors to their site. It is usually done by including screen advertisements in the web pages of members. Efficiency associated with the advertisement is checked and participants tend to be compensated based on these outcomes.

Affiliate program meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

a business or internet site that directs clients to another business or site and gets a percentage of exactly what the consumer expenditures or a bonus if a user subscribes. Including, Computer Hope's items page is an affiliate system of Amazon. An individual uses any of the links about this web page or goes to the Amazon web page from this web page and buys some thing, Computer Hope obtains a percentage for the purchase.