What does Affiliate mean?

Affiliate meaning in General Dictionary

in order to connect or connect people self followed by with because they affiliate with no party

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  • to consider to receive into a household as a boy ergo to bring or get into close connection to ally
  • join in an affiliation
  • keep business with; spend time with
  • a subordinate or subsidiary connect; someone who is associated with another or with an organization
  • a subsidiary or subordinate business that's affiliated with another organization
  • to consider; to receive into a family group as a son; hence, to create or obtain into close connection; to ally.
  • to correct the paternity of; -- stated of an illegitimate son or daughter; because, to affiliate the kid to (or on or upon) one-man rather than another.
  • for connecting in the form of lineage; to trace beginning to.
  • to add (to) or unite (with); for into a society as a member, and initiate into its secrets, plans, etc.; -- followed by to or with.
  • to get in touch or associate one's self; -- accompanied by with; since, they affiliate with no celebration.

Affiliate meaning in Finance Dictionary

businesses tend to be affiliates if they are both subsidiaries of a 3rd, or they possess shares in each other.

Affiliate meaning in Marketing Dictionary

the publisher/salesperson in an affiliate marketer marketing and advertising relationship.

Affiliate meaning in Law Dictionary

Companies which have a shared resources, interests, or business dealings. Or an online site that offers services and products they don’t actually own for fee. Reference susidiary.

Affiliate meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1858, from affiliate (v.).

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  • 1846, from affiliate (v.).
  • 1761, from Latin affiliatus, previous participle of affiliare "to consider" (see affiliation). External legal usage, constantly figurative. Relevant: associated; affiliating.

Affiliate meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Commerce: Two functions are affiliates if either party has the power to get a grip on others, or an authorized settings or gets the capacity to manage the both. Affiliation in addition is out there in (1) in interlacing directorates or ownership, (2) in identification of interests among members of a family group and, (3) in which staff members, equipment, and/or facilities, tend to be shared. Affiliates tend to be at the mercy of greater than normal appropriate prohibitions and needs to guard against insider trading. See additionally subsidiary. 2. Electronic business: company which offers other merchants' products at its own internet site. Visitors to the firm's site may order merchandise from there, nevertheless purchase is transacted really during the principal's website whom passes on a commission towards the web site from where the purchase originated.

Affiliate meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

An Internet affiliate is an organization, organization, or individual that markets another company's products through their site. In return for promoting their products, businesses spend affiliates a commission per sale they create. Affiliate marketing programs occur for all various industries, eg travel, clothing, technology, and online solutions. This allows internet publishers to promote certain products associated with the content of the web sites. For example, the webmaster of a fashion website may publish affiliate ads for a clothing store. The master of a software review website can sometimes include affiliate marketer backlinks to various software programs. Internet marketing is a type of PPS advertising, since affiliates are just taken care of product sales they produce (unlike PPC marketing and advertising). Consequently, merchants must provide affiliates sufficient commissions making it beneficial when it comes to writers to run their particular ads. Affiliate commissions vary commonly between sectors and in addition be determined by average purchase amounts. Low-margin services and products, particularly gadgets, can offer commissions as little as 2%, while high-margin items, eg software applications, may offer commissions up to 75per cent. Most affiliate commissions fall-in the range of 5 to 20per cent. Affiliate programs provide no-cost advertising and marketing for merchants and an extra way to obtain income for web writers. While it is a win-win partnership, creating an affiliate marketer system to track sales and create payments is a complex process. For that reason, many companies operate their particular affiliate programs through a third party e-commerce system, including Commission Junction or DirectTrack.

Affiliate meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) To adopt; to get into a family as a son; for this reason, to carry or receive into close link; to ally.

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  • (v. t.) To fix the paternity of; -- stated of an illegitimate son or daughter; as, to affiliate the child to (or on or upon) one man versus another.
  • (v. t.) In order to connect when it comes to lineage; to locate origin to.
  • (v. t.) To attach (to) or unite (with); for into a society as a part, and start into its mysteries, plans, etc.; -- accompanied by to or with.
  • (v. i.) in order to connect or associate your self; -- accompanied by with; since, they affiliate without any celebration.

Sentence Examples with the word Affiliate

Libanius) anxious to affiliate themselves to the Attic Ionians - an anxiety which is illustrated by the Athenian types used on the city's coins.

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