What does Affan Affan mean?

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1.An exemplory case of an adjective that may be used in places of terms particularly: "Awesome" "Godly" if not "Omnipotent".Affan is considered the most awesome individual you can meet. Such folks are really scarce worldwide as soon as one encounters an Affan, they have been immediately considered among luckiest people inside world.2. An Affan is a chick magnet, able to score girls as frequently as while he breathes.3. Whenever one Affan satisfies another, the universe will undoubtedly, explode, or gasp in surprise, therefore awesomeness is not too easy to consist of inside tiny world.3. An Affan, specially one using final name Ahmad, is a super driven being, able to utilize capabilities from his imagination, much like a Green lantern from DC comics. 1. Somebody who which is a snake, and will take any feasible possiblity to screw you over, just for laughs.2. This person additionally may appear to be Jaba the Hut, she or he is very over-weight and gets an asthma attack every 5 tips.