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"i have got your back."Aevidum. It was made from the Latin root “vid” (definition life) and is a manifestation of guarantee to some other individual meaning, “We have your back.” This term has yet to create its method to the dictionary. However it will.The Students Against Destructive Decisions Club at Cocalico high-school developed the word aevidum to improve awareness of the warning signs of despair. Using this word which internet site (www aevidum dot com), develop to inform as many individuals possible regarding the warning signs of depression assured to prevent suicide.Since aevidum club had been begun after the death of a student in 2003, it offers won numerous honors, especially SADDs’ prestigious “National task of the Year” prize, chosen from a lot more than 10,000 schools.This past November, aevidum ended up being presented the State’s Activity of the Year Award during the Pennsylvania SADD summit. This club can also be one of the primary highschool groups inside country to address these taboo issues.Pledging aevidum is straightforward. Make your solution to the “Warning Signs” web page, review all of them, and e-mail the aevidum postcard to a friend. That’s it.Suicide is avoidable. Understand the warning signs.Pledge aevidum, save yourself life. The expression used for any circumstance for which one bro has another bro's back.