What does Aetiology mean?

Aetiology meaning in Medical Dictionary

the research for the factors. For example, of a condition.

Aetiology meaning in General Dictionary

the explanation for an ailment

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  • the philosophical study of causation
  • The research, doctrine, or demonstration of causes; esp., the investigation associated with the factors behind any disease; the science regarding the origin and growth of things.
  • The assignment of a reason.

Aetiology meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

(Gr. aitiologeo, to inquire into) An inquiry into factors. See Etiology. -- V.F.

Aetiology meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The technology, doctrine, or demonstration of reasons; esp., the examination of this causes of any disease; the technology associated with source and improvement things.

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  • (letter.) The project of a reason.

Sentence Examples with the word Aetiology

Considering the great importance of arresting the spread of infection at the outset, and the implicit reliance placed upon bacteriological criteria, the aetiology of such antecedent ailments deserves more attention than has hitherto been paid to it.

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