What does Aesculapius mean?

Aesculapius meaning in Names Dictionary

God of medicine.
Name Origin: Greek
Name Gender: Male

Aesculapius meaning in Medical Dictionary

The old Roman god of medicine, whose staff with a snake curled around its commonly used as symbolic of medicine. In accordance with mythology, Aesculapius's kiddies included Hygeia, the goddess of wellness, and Panaceia, the goddess of healing.

Aesculapius meaning in General Dictionary

child of Apollo; a hero additionally the Roman god of medication and healing; his daughters had been Hygeia and Panacea

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  • The god of medicine. Ergo, your physician.

Aesculapius meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The god of medication. Hence, a physician.

Sentence Examples with the word Aesculapius

In 180 B.C., on the occasion of a plague, vows were made to Apollo, Aesculapius and Salus (Livy xl.

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