What does Aerosol mean?

Aerosol meaning in Medical Dictionary

a superb spray or mist. Medications in aerosol type could be administered via a nebulizer and inhaled.

Aerosol meaning in Law Dictionary

Super fine liqid falls like fogs and smoke. They may be obviously occuring or man-made. Climate modifications can occur too. Or a dispenser of items that can not be refilled. A metal can can hold a variety of feasible representatives being dispersed.

Aerosol meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1919, from aero- "air" + very first syllable in option. A phrase in physics; modern-day commercial application is from 1940s.

Aerosol meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Extremely-fine liquid droplets or solid particles that continue to be suspended in air as fog or smoke. These non-gaseous microscopic bits (with distance from one-hundredth to at least one ten-millionth of a centimeter, or 100 to 0.001 micrometer) are produced from normal and artificial resources, and in most cases includes mineral dirt, pollen, and sulfuric acid. While aerosols perform an essential roles in the environment (particularly in formation of rainfall drops, snow flakes, and ice crystals), they even result climatic impacts like those created by greenhouse gases. 2. Non-refillable packaging found in dispensing certain customer, commercial, and pharmaceutical items. It consists typically of a steel container which keeps an answer (or colloidal suspension system, like paint) and a compressed propellant (such as atmosphere or natural gas), and it is topped by a mechanical device. Once the device is exposed, the clear answer (according to its components and particular device) is required away as a fine or coarse spray, foam, or gel.

Aerosol meaning in General Dictionary

a cloud of solid or fluid particles in a gas

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  • a dispenser that keeps a substance under great pressure which can launch it as an excellent squirt (usually by means of a propellant gas)

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