What does Aerobic mean?

Aerobic meaning in Medical Dictionary

Oxygen-requiring. Aerobic bacteria require air to cultivate. Aerobic workout calls for one's heart and lungs to operate more difficult to generally meet your body's increased oxygen need.

Aerobic meaning in Law Dictionary

term which means that an activity calls for air to complete its work. Make reference to anearobic.

Aerobic meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"living only in the existence of oxygen," 1875, (after French a

Aerobic meaning in Sports Dictionary

an electricity system utilized whenever exercise, especially for endurance work, to produce power over an extended duration. Requirements a method of getting oxygen. (recreation: Swimming)

Aerobic meaning in Business Dictionary

influenced by air. Soil bacteria which degrade sewage from septic systems, like, live and function just when you look at the presence of oxygen. They (and all pets, including people) are aerobic organisms. See in addition anaerobic.

Aerobic meaning in General Dictionary

based on free oxygen or environment

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  • considering or with the axioms of aerobics; boosting breathing and circulatory efficiency

Aerobic - Spanish to English

aerobics {pl} [most common with singular verb]

Aerobic - German to English

aerobics {pl} [treated as sg. or pl.]

Sentence Examples with the word Aerobic

No sharp line can be drawn between pathogenic and nonpathogenic Schizomycetes, and some of the most marked steps in the progress of our modern knowledge of these pasteurianum, which is anaerobic, and can fix nitrogen only if protected from oxygen by aerobic species.

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