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''Aeincinn'' an old English term that developed throughout the Saxon career of The united kingdomt. The term ''aeincitt'' ended up being a Saxon term that connotates that an action had been done in a graceful and stunning way. Throughout the Saxon career of The united kingdomt, the English adapted this term within their language. Because of the closing consonant noises in the barbaric Saxon language, the English changed the pronunciation to a softer closing to become easer to adapt and pronounce.When the Normans conquered the Saxons in 1066, the English labeled as this occasion an aeincinn conquest, or a lovely conquest. As this term provides an optimistic connotation, the English commence to make use of the term more within their daily lives. In a story printed in 1115 by an anonymous author, this word ended up being used to describe a lovely lady. He described this lady as "an aeincinn lady, whose beauty drives men to intimate insanity."Though even today, the term happens to be a dead element of English, some popular poets and historians nonetheless use this word in their poetry and historic accounts.