What does Aegean mean?

Aegean meaning in Etymology Dictionary

sea between Greece and Asia Minor, 1570s, typically called for Aegeus, father of Theseus, which tossed himself to his demise inside as he thought their boy had perished; but perhaps from Greek aiges "waves," a word of as yet not known beginning.

Aegean meaning in General Dictionary

of or regarding or attribute of this prehistoric Aegean civilization

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  • of or regarding or bordering the Aegean Sea
  • a supply associated with Mediterranean between Greece and Turkey; a primary trade course for ancient civilizations of Crete and Greece and Rome and Persia
  • Of or pertaining to the sea, or arm for the Mediterranean sea, eastern of Greece. See Archipelago.

Sentence Examples with the word Aegean

To secure command of the maritime defile that links the Aegean with the Sea of Marmora was, in the opinion of most ' On Dec. 13 1914 the British submarine B11, Lt.

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