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the lady all girls wish to be, and males want. The pinnacle of human being beauty followed by the character to complement. Usually has the habit of offering inanimate item names and informing the lamest jokes, however with the look that makes your heart melt immediately. A complete legend in the sleep, this woman will make all of your globe spin. Men, find yourself an Aedín, because they are AMAZING!! a girl that is breathtaking and funny to a mediochre extentlikes to personify things on a regular basis to donate to the lols. the woman primary quotes is 'good on me' and 'sure look..'this woman features great capabilities to be considered far beyond her class a couple of years earlier than expected also has actually abilities with all the males to fund the woman favourite products - blue wkd.when needs be, she's going to take u under the woman wing and cradle you on her behalf volumptuos bosoms before you feel delighted again.