What does Advisory mean?

Advisory meaning in General Dictionary

Having capacity to advise containing advice as an advisory council their opinion is just consultative

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  • providing guidance
  • an announcement that usually advises or warns the general public of some danger
  • Having power to advise; containing guidance; because, an consultative council; their particular viewpoint is simply advisory.

Advisory meaning in Law Dictionary

Counselling, recommending, or advising, not imperative. A verdict on a problem out-of chancery is advisory. Watt v. Starke, 101 U. S. 252, 25 L. Ed. S26.

Advisory meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1778; see advise + -ory. The noun meaning "weather caution" is from 1931.

Advisory meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Becoming in a capacity to provide good advice or views. Advisory committees or similar groups likewise have the authority to render a choice or view on a concern, in addition to providing views. As an example, an advisory committee to a board of administrators might have the ability to determine whether certain restrictions or regulations are properly becoming satisfied. 2. Announcement or formal message introduced toward general public so that you can forewarn against specific risks or threats. Including, an official statement circulated by the nationwide climate Center advising the public of possibly hazardous climate conditions. 3. The state document that provides guidance.

Advisory meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

A document containing detail by detail information about prospective protection risks. Advisories assistance companies keep their clients informed in regards to the newest threats and what to do about all of them. For instance, a company may issue a security advisory about a version of these program which allows unauthorized use of your computer and recommend upgrading towards the most recent type of that system to repair the difficulty.

Advisory meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Having capacity to advise; containing guidance; because, an advisory council; their viewpoint is simply consultative.

Sentence Examples with the word Advisory

Its central office is in Constantinople, and it is managed by a director-general and advisory committee appointed by committees in London and Paris.

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