What does Adverse effect mean?

Adverse effect meaning in Medical Dictionary

A harmful or unusual outcome. A detrimental impact is due to administration of a medication or by experience of a chemical and start to become suggested by an untoward result such by disease or death.

Adverse effect meaning in Law Dictionary

unfavorable effect caused by ecological elements. This takes place when the human body responds unfavorably to a-sudden change.

Adverse effect meaning in Business Dictionary

Abnormal, harmful, or unwanted impact on an organism that triggers anatomical or useful damage, irreversible actual changes, or advances the susceptibility to other biological, chemical, or ecological stresses. Adverse effects are suggested frequently by outcomes particularly altered meals consumption, altered enzyme amounts, alterations in body/organ loads, other pathological changes, and greater death rates.

Sentence Examples with the word Adverse effect

The most remarkable of these was made outside the Church - a significant indication of the adverse effect of the conditions within; the Neo-platonist philosopher Porphyry 2 in the 3rd century A.D., untrammelled by church tradition and methods, anticipated one of the clearest and most important conclusions of modern criticism: he detected the incorrectness of the traditional ascription of Daniel to the Jewish captivity in Babylon and discerned that the real period of its composition was that of Antiochus Epiphanes, four centuries later.

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