What does Adventitious mean?

Adventitious meaning in General Dictionary

included extrinsically not essentially inherent accidental or causal additional supervenient foreign

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  • connected by possibility rather than a built-in component
  • included extrinsically; perhaps not really inherent; accidental or causal; extra; supervenient; foreign.
  • from the appropriate or usual place; as, adventitious buds or origins.
  • inadvertently or sparingly spontaneous in a country or region; maybe not completely naturalized; adventive; -- applied to foreign flowers.
  • Acquired, as conditions; accidental.

Adventitious meaning in Medical Dictionary

originating from an external supply or happening in a silly destination or fashion. Maybe not inherent, inherited or natural but alternatively occurring accidentally or in an instant.

Adventitious meaning in Law Dictionary

what comes Incidentally, fortuitously, or out from the regular course. "Adventitious price" of places, see Central R. Co. v. State Board of Assessors, 49 N. J. Daw, 1, 7 Atl. 300.

Adventitious meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"associated with nature of an addition from without," c.1600, from Medieval Latin adventitius "originating from abroad, extraneous," a corruption of Latin adventicius "foreign, strange, accidental," from advent- past participle stem of advenire "arrive" (see development). Related: Adventitiously; adventitiousness.

Adventitious meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) included extrinsically; maybe not essentially inherent; accidental or causal; additional; supervenient; foreign.

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  • (a.) From the proper or typical spot; since, adventitious buds or roots.
  • (a.) inadvertently or sparingly spontaneous in a country or area; not totally naturalized; adventive; -- placed on foreign plants.
  • (a.) obtained, as conditions; accidental.

Sentence Examples with the word Adventitious

The whole flower may be looked upon as an adventitious bud bearing two pairs of leaves; each pair becomes concrescent and forms a perianth, the apex of the shoot being converted into an orthotropous ovule.

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