What does Adventitia mean?

Adventitia meaning in General Dictionary

the membranous outer covering of an organ or blood vessel

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  • an enveloping or covering membrane or level of body tissue

Adventitia meaning in Medical Dictionary

The outermost connective structure addressing of every organ, vessel, or any other construction. Including, the connective structure that encompasses an artery is known as the adventitia since it is considered extraneous to your artery.

Adventitia - German to English

adventitia [Tunica adventitia, Tunica externa]

Sentence Examples with the word Adventitia

Gull and Sutton asserted that in particular states of body, and more especially in the condition associated with cirrhotic kidney, such a fibrosis becomes general, running, as they alleged it does, along the adventitia of arteries and spreading to their capillaries.

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