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Advent (Noun) 1. The comingUsed at things of climax, typically during secks. For the true purpose of .. informing your spouse, pals, co-workers, teachers/students, parents, &the remaining portion of the world. n. - the top modern guilds around the globe of Warcraft host Tichondriusfrom 2005-2006.Made famous by the leader Shaunconnery and his Thunderfury (begotten him by their brethren Silrani when you look at the latter times during the Advent's peak), Advent was well-respected and regarded as one of many chillest guilds regarding server. n. - the top modern guilds of Tichondrius from 2005-2006. Also referred to as one of the chillest guilds to own previously existed.Note: Led because of the infamous rapper Shaunconnery (MC Ryuu) along with his great Thunderfury