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the 3rd the main Advance Wars Series (the fourth is Battalion Wars, which doesn't have your message Advance Wars inside it...and it will probably bring pity to your Advance Wars Frachise). First there was clearly Advance Wars, then Advance Wars 2: Black Hole increasing, and from now on Advance Wars Duel Strike. Here is the ongoing story associated with the 4 nations, Orange Star, Blue moon, Yellow Comet, and Green world, and their particular have trouble with the bad army force, the Black Hole Army. Following the wars with black-hole in Cosmo and Macro Land, black-hole has actually struck in Omega land. Responding two this hazard, Orange celebrity, Blue Moon, Yellow Comet, and Green Earth, have blends to make the Allied countries, and have now headed toward Omega Land, to stop black Hole for good. Once they arrive, they satisfy brand new Commanding Officers, like Orange performers Rachel and jake, and Blue Moons Sasha, Yellow Comets Grimm, and Green Earths Xavier. And you will find brand new devices, just like the Aircraft Carrier, Mega Tank, and Stealth Fighters. But black-hole has many tricks up their sleeve, they've new Commanding officials as well, Jugger, Lord Von Volt, Kindle, and Koal, and they also have actually new equipment also, the Black Boat, the Ebony Bomb, together with Pipe Runner. So it begins. In the event that you have a look at each one of the various countries CO's and product look (all have the same particular products, but dependent on what countries CO you have got, will depend on power, and look)Orange Stars Units and CO's could be our equivalents to your AmericansBlue moons CO's and products could be our equivalent to the Soviets...or Russia...basicaly same nation...one is merely less evil) Yellow Comets CO's and products will be that Japan..or...AsianAnd Green world could be that of Germany...well...the Foot Soldiers are definately german...but the automobiles are just smudged...but I haven't seen new german armed forces regulation...so maybe, but they are German.And black-hole will be that of....I do not knowAdvance Wars DS is available for the Nintendo DS