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At new undiscovered 14 year old pop singer/songwriter with real talent. He has got already been singing since he had been 4 and wants to make videos and post all of them on youtube. Although individuals say that he's a Justin Bieber look-alike, he could ben't. Their facial framework is significantly different than Bieber's along with his design is more laid back. He presently has got to tracks completely now, one labeled as Shawty and another labeled as Tonight. Every one of their songs tend to be copy-written. Shawty is an upbeat dance track while Tonight reveals a more delicate part of Adrian. He auto-tunes his vocals the aftereffect of it. He's got a video out since showcases their raw skill, performing a Justin Beiber mash-up which he certainly tends to make his very own. Adrian Easton is bound to be the next trend as women are now actually growing bored stiff of JB. Examine him on at youtube.com/adrianeaston