What does Adrian mean?

Adrian meaning in General Dictionary

with respect to the Adriatic water as Adrian billows

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  • Roman Emperor who had been the adoptive boy of Trajan; travelled throughout his kingdom to strengthen its frontiers and encourage discovering and architecture; on a call to Britain in 122 he ordered the building of Hadrian's Wall (76-138)
  • English physiologist whom carried out analysis in to the purpose of neurons; first baron of Cambridge (1889-1997)
  • with respect to the Adriatic Sea; because, Adrian billows.

Adrian meaning in Names Dictionary

Dark one.
Name Origin: Latin
Name Gender: Male

Adrian meaning in Etymology Dictionary

masc. correct name, from Latin Adrianus/Hadrianus, virtually "of Adriatic" (see Adriatic).

Adrian meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) related to the Adriatic Sea; since, billows.

Sentence Examples with the word Adrian

Near the same site there stood an older town, which, together with a bishop's see, was founded in 1152 by the Englishman Nicholas Breakspeare (afterwards Pope Adrian IV.); but both town and cathedral were destroyed by the Swedes in 1567.

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