What does Adoptomonster mean?

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An adoptomonster is a person who adopts a young child but shouldn't have been allowed to do this. This individual is abusive to your followed kid, either physically, mentally, or intimately. Numerous adoptomonsters are pedophiles, drug/alcohol addicts, mentally ill, or perhaps plain evil.Adoptomonsters do not have problems driving adoption company "home researches" because these "studies" usually do not integrate thorough criminal record checks, emotional exams, or drug testing.Many adoptomonsters are thought "upstanding people" inside their communities and hide the punishment they inflict on the purchased (adopted) children from the view of these buddies, extensive households, and neighborhood.Adoptomonsters tend to be every where. They look like "normal" folks. But, make no blunder about any of it, they may not be saints. There is certainly a warm place in Hell for adoptomonsters.