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he's a character from Street Fighter. After Sagat's defeat at the hands of Ryu in the first Street Fighter Tournament, Sagat's student Adon became disenchanted with Sagat's power and smashed from his master, in the course of time getting a hated adversary. He vows one-day to beat Sagat and show that he's truely the Muay Thai kickboxing master. Muay Thai practioner from Capcom fighting game Street Fighter.Trained under Sagat.Identified by:- Permanent Sneer.- Defined pectorals.- Shaped hair.Adon was elligible to-be recruited into Shadowloo.Adon spent most of his time in the Street Fighter circuit following Akuma, to beat him and proove the may well of Muay Thai. Somebody who thinks they understand every little thing when actually they know-nothing. An individual who features an impression on every little thing the opinion is definitely wrong and their particular opinion usually changes to reflect somebody else's viewpoint simply because they do not have self-esteem or personal skills. Someone who wears business informal outfit to exert effort while everyone clothes in jeans and tops. A spazz. A grown-up which rides their 10 speed bicycle to the office. Someone who claims become many interesting guy on the planet whenever subsequently all of their experiences in life are untrue. Someone whos idea for enjoyable is having an oxygen bar. Somebody who would go to college rather than celebration but drive folks house in a golf cart sober while preventing assaults by drunk frat guys. Virtually indicating "lord, patron" may be the title of graffiti copywriter from Delaware that presents PCK, DDT, and TKS crews respectively. The sexiest Lebbo from the face of the earth