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a lovely and intelligent woman, Andeisha is a deeply experiencing lady and wounded romantic, in who love and discomfort both operate deep. Adneisha is some one you desire in your corner. If she really loves you, she loves you really and deeply.Incurably dorky, Adneisha is vulnerable to fits of screaming fangirlism over numerous various characters. Going against among her boats or figures may get you a bruised arm, or leastwise a few minutes of concern as she for some reason looms menacingly over you.She's a proud lady, but in addition can be very nurturing, even motherly at times. She actually is empathetic and can cry to you or laugh with you given that event needs.Bright, cheerful, and spunky, she could conquer anybody's heart in just a matter of mins. Kids are enchanted by her. Men are enthralled with her. When she is blue the sky appears to understand when to weep with her.Scheming and twisted inside most useful of methods. Loyal and brutal. Starshine Buddha. Queen of Coconut Monkeys and Oracle into the Monkey King. Founder associated with Purple Cult.