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The Adnani linguistic theory addresses the definition of terms. It's in line with the idea that dictionaries should go out of the function of an abridged encyclopedia and start making discrete formulas you can use to decode all terms.One quick instance which comes to mind will be establish a term by a sequence of three terms, the very first that identifies the discrete object and second two assist united states find it within the intellectual map.Examples:Boy = Male at youthYouth = Stage of developmentDevelopment = Developing with intentionIntention = Action with deliberationMusic = noise with intentionSound = Information with loudnessInformation = Clues about realityThe interesting, and even fun part about working on these algorithms would be that they are actually much more metaphysical and metaphorical as compared to standard suggestive, encyclopedic methodology.For example:Color = Variation invoking emotionBlue = colour of GodNotice that a shade can be any "variation", so a modification of message, or a musical action, and sometimes even the mood of confirmed setting.The most crucial change any particular one would see aided by the implementation of these types of a system of definition is the fact that definition would cease becoming an aloof idea that every person should desire to arbitrarily find and would start to be the personal foundation we all want it to be.